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Game Updates 12/10 - 12/29

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So as most of you can guess I have a horiffic time keeping a log of everything that I am doing so I can share with everybody on our progress... Yeah Ryan, likely excuse!

Anyways I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas Event although the riddle stumped quite a few. Big Christmas Presents (BCPs) have been handed out almost on a daily basis for everyone that is online with us all. It is 100% undetermined if BCPs drop from the rdt as intended. =p Changed the one player command so now ::votepoints will now return how many vote points you currently have. Several Vote Shops have been released for everyone as it has been very long awaited! Y'all should have a good chunk of points to be spent tomorrow morning when you get online. Boss Points have also been added as well as a Boss Shop for everyone to spend those points. Unfortunately the Donation Ranks/Titles have gone up a bit only for the underlying success of this server. I've already gave y'all a lot already. =p Our good friend Tea has been posting bugs for me every night around 3am his time for me to fix the next morning when I woke up. For a closer look at Tea's Nightly Bug Report and my Bug Fixes please see the Bug Reporting forum. Tea did drop his laptop and will be back as soon as he gets that taken care of. I hope everyone had a good holiday and for maybe the last time I will wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!! I am quite sure I only listed about 28% of the content that has been added/changed/reworked within the past two weeks but that makes no difference. Let's get to the more important part here...

Now that we are finished with that.. For the future and into the 2019 New Year!

I would like to let everyone know some of my first projects/bug fixes/additions/reworks now that the Christmas Holiday is now over. I will be looking over every single clue easy, meds, hard & elite. We need to make sure all the correct coords return a casket with another clue and so on. There have been some missing teleports from the skill teleport options and I would like to take some time to offer more NPCs and additional locations of were once unreachable. I see some of you have been bossing with me but also I noticed you fearless animals are doing some sick soloing. With players coming to this bossing stage I would like to roll out the Boss Points for killing certain bosses as well as rolling out not just one but TWO Boss Stores for everybody!! 

These are just some of my little goals to start on as the New Year approaches so I can make a better game for everyone to enjoy. As you may know my current to-do list is quite extensive. I said it best to Venom last night, "They come into the garage quickly but do not leave as fast as they show up." 

I see each one of these bugs/glitches/etc as a good time. We all find out about them, I fix the issue, and we never hear or worry about it again. This is the formula for one hell of a RSPS Server. I would like to thank everyone for taking this ride with me and hope y'all stick around for the 2019 part of our journey!!


~ Ryan

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