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Tea's Suggestions for server 12/19

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-I believe skill tasks should have proportionate reset cost (10%). What I mean is, if you choose the easy task (1 point and 100k reward), resetting it should be 10k, but if you're doing the hardest one (10 points and 1m reward) the reset price should be 100k. Although it's nice to skip over and over until you find something efficient for your account to do and make 1m while doing so, it's kinda op and defeats the point of a skilling task.

-I think some mining rates should be buffed, such as lrc monsters you mine for bait after u kill, the rocks in priff, and the lava flow mine.

-Potentially adding headless arrows or arrow shafts to shop (maybe donor shop). They exist in a shop in reg rs, and since you can't fletch higher tier logs into shafts, its very brutal just chopping normal logs to get the arrows you want.

-Buffing divine locations (they're very slow, don't have the magical feel they have on reg rs)

-Buffing harps in priff, adding harmonic dust to ithel worker pickpocket tables, and/or reducing dust req to upgrade dragon tools. The harps are very buggy/slow to begin with, so buffing or fixing them would be nice, also having an extra option to gain dust would be cool.

-The Skiller's dream bonus xp changes every 4 hours, sometimes landing on a cycle without a bonus. Not having a bonus occasionally seems fine to me, but I'd think it would be more engaging if the cycles were shorter, like an hour or two (preferably an hour). It would have more of an opportunity to switch up and land on other skills, and some skills are hard to train for the entire 4 hours if you plan on playing the whole time. Also 4 hours of down time is kinda sad if it's the only four hours you get to play that day.

-Xp well is temporarily reduced? I know 1.5x xp is pretty op especially for certain things, but im pretty sure if everyone combined their money together we still wouldn't even have half the required money to fill the well. And that would be pretty baller if we all cashed in our banks for the xp buff. Maybe after player base increases have it return, but again these are just my suggestions 🙂 

-Add skilling outfits to task shop. (idk if their obtainable In other ways)

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Agreed on all of these points bro! 

Especially the divine locations, they are very slow! 

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I like the points you made here Tea. 
Now that the Holiday event has been completed and I am not as busy IRL either, I can make these more of a reality for all of you!!


~ Ryan

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