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First off I would like to thank everyone for supporting this server as we finish up our second week of being online. All of you and your efforts into helping with bug fixes and seeing what works and what does not is a huge plus for myself and for the overall game experience as a whole. As there are about 8-10 regular players currently I would like us to become and reach a higher player base. Since we have launched I have not done any paid advertising yet at all. I will not for a little bit longer as we iron out everything when it comes the the game as well as client issues. Therefore the one main thing EVERYONE can do is "Vote" for our server on the three top RSPS voting sites. 

Today I will be having a server restart that will in effect change and update all those bug fixes that I took care of from Tea as well as some others that have brought them to my attention. I thank you for that! Secondly, I will be releasing the v1.7 Client for El Rey RSPS. Within this version is a few minor fixes as well as less problems logging in and in game issues experienced by a few. Just click Play Now on the website homepage and it will execute the new Client v1.7 for you to download and use instead of the current client you already have. Therefore you can and may delete v1.6 as we will not be using it anymore.

Also this week we will be releasing our Christmas Event for you all so look forward to my post on that so you know where to start the event! Lastly, I did post this a while ago but I would like you all to take a look at the Power to the People post from a few days ago to get your say in on the Vote store. That topic can be found HERE.


~ Ryan

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