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Lordosweetfa's Slayer guide.

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This is a work in progress! More will be added as and when I get the tasks, so please be patient. Thank you all in advanced!


Slayer: A skill for those looking to make some serious bank, and kill an aptitude of monsters as they go. As many of you know, slayer is a beloved skill, of which requires killing monsters in order to gain exp. One of the lovely things about this server is you never have to worry about how many kills you have left, the slayer indicator on the game screen will keep track of that for you, as well as the task you are currently set



(Just testing to see if IMG works. Will add edit after posting.)

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For some reason, it is no longer letting me edit my original post, so my apologies for the broken link. Instead, allow me to continue within this reply post.


So, here we go!


First of all, here is the missing image for the first post.


This little beauty will be your best friend when you're doing this skill. To display how many monsters you have left, just hover your mouse over the box, and that will give you all the information you need.


So, Lordosweetfa. How do I start this skill?

I'm so glad you asked, my friend. First of all, you need to navigate over to the skills tab within game, that'll bring up all of your current hard work, and show people your bragging rights.


From there, you want to click on the Slayer icon. That'll bring up this dialogue box.


To start slayer, it's pretty obvious. Click on the Slayer Masters option, and select the one for your level.


This is the part where I show exp rates and monster locations. If you want to find a monster specifically, use Ctrl+F.  All monsters should be in alphabetical order.

If for any reason you can not find your monster, chances are I have not had this as a task at this point. Please be patient, it will be coming.



Location: The only place I actually found bears was in Varrock, behind the castle. You can teleport there via the woodcutting skill. use the teleport 'Varrock Palace'

Slayer exp per kill: 1,628

Weak to: Air Magic

Required slayer level: 1

Things to note: Due to this monsters location, range or magic is required, unless you go through Varrock Sewers.



Location: Teleport to Edgeville and run past the monestary. Head towards the cliff between Barbarian Village and Falador. They're all located there.

Slayer exp per kill: 750

Weak to: Air Magic

Required slayer level: 1

Things to note: Guard dwarves in this area do NOT count towards the task.



Location: Click on the attack option on skills. They are your first option.

Slayer exp per kill: 3,285

Weak to: Fire Magic.

Required slayer level: 1

Things to note: These nasty buggers know how to pack a punch. If you're using range or magic, use the gravestones as a safe spot.

Here's an image for the spot I used when it came to safe spotting.


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As I stated before could you please make me a list of any and all npc's that cannot be reached, not spawning/respawning, need more spawned, teleports not working. Send me that list in an ongoing Private Message for slayer troubles.

Other than that good luck with your guide! You are a huge contributor to the community!


~ Ryan

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