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Game Updates 12/5-12/10

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First off I would like to thank everyone that has made an account and contributed to bug support and glitches. As these come in I will take time for each and every single one to fix them. Here are most of the small fixes, glitches, bugs, etc that were fixed for everyone playing:

  • All Mage Bank NPCs have correct shops, bank, etc.
  • Barbarian Advanced Agility Course Exp is now more than Gnome Advanced course. Before it was much less and not worth it.
  • The UTC Clock in-game reflects the server reset time. Reset being at 00:00
  • Agility Skill Teleport shows courses that are currently not working.
  • Ape Atoll Agility Course teleport has been relocated. No more teleporting into the waterfall.
  • Poletax shop has been updated.


~ Ryan

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