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Tea's Introduction

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Hello, my name in game is Tea but feel free to call me Micah.

I am 21 and have been playing Runescape ever since 2005 and I probably started playing rsps's around 2009 or so.

I haven't played Runescape or a private server is quite some time, and this is the first server I ran into.

Originally I was going to play on regular Runescape or Old School, but I got bored after a few days of grinding in the same spot.

So here I am.

I'm going to be running around gathering information and potentially finding a few bugs, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what late game content there is.

I've never gotten to end game content on RS3 so I am quite excited.

Anyways, add me in game "Tea" and say hello, I won't bite!

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Hello there Tea and Welcome again actually!

Looking forward to seeing you around. We have a lot of end game, end game content! Of course, we have GWD, Nex, KQ, KK, KBD, the whole list..... Barrows, Vorago.. and personally Lucien to take-on afterwards which is once you get 99 in everything. Plus a few easter eggs, and final FINAL custom bosses.

Play On!


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Welcome to the community, Tea!


Best of luck on helping squash those bugs, and of course best of luck on the grind of getting to that end game content. I'm sure you'll have a world of fun reaching the end goal.


Of course, if there's anything you need, you only have to ask, I'm sure whomever is online would be more than happy to give a helping hand.


Good luck on your grind!

Lordosweetfa/Lewis. Whichever you'd prefer.

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