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    Very Helpful Guide!
  2. don

    Welcome to El Rey! My name is William/Will, In Game/Forum name is Don. I am 25 and have been playing Runescape/Rsps for the last 13 years. I have been active on El Rey since the 11th December, just 1 week after initial launch. TBH i am not really a forum kinda guy (hence my crappy post layout ETC) Decided to try to make the forums active as it is the first port of call for new members of the server! Due to the nature of my job i am only able to play for 2-4 hours on weekdays and i play as much as i can on weekends whilst still spending time with my partner/family. Any questions i am happy to try to answer so please do not hesitate to shout me ingame! I am always active on the discord (it will appear that i am offline but just @ me as it comes through to my phone 24/7) Thanks for reading my post and i look forward to seeing you all ingame 😄
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    Get your votes in guys!
  5. Agreed on all of these points bro! Especially the divine locations, they are very slow!