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  1. Tea

    Great guide, didn't even realize this was in the game! Woulda been nice to know haha
  2. Tea

    Welcome to server Austin, let's PVM some time I really need to lol. I end up just skilling most of the time.
  3. Tea

    "Tea dropped his laptop"... what a noob
  4. Also... is there a penguin point shop somewhere?
  5. -I believe skill tasks should have proportionate reset cost (10%). What I mean is, if you choose the easy task (1 point and 100k reward), resetting it should be 10k, but if you're doing the hardest one (10 points and 1m reward) the reset price should be 100k. Although it's nice to skip over and over until you find something efficient for your account to do and make 1m while doing so, it's kinda op and defeats the point of a skilling task. -I think some mining rates should be buffed, such as lrc monsters you mine for bait after u kill, the rocks in priff, and the lava flow mine. -Potentially adding headless arrows or arrow shafts to shop (maybe donor shop). They exist in a shop in reg rs, and since you can't fletch higher tier logs into shafts, its very brutal just chopping normal logs to get the arrows you want. -Buffing divine locations (they're very slow, don't have the magical feel they have on reg rs) -Buffing harps in priff, adding harmonic dust to ithel worker pickpocket tables, and/or reducing dust req to upgrade dragon tools. The harps are very buggy/slow to begin with, so buffing or fixing them would be nice, also having an extra option to gain dust would be cool. -The Skiller's dream bonus xp changes every 4 hours, sometimes landing on a cycle without a bonus. Not having a bonus occasionally seems fine to me, but I'd think it would be more engaging if the cycles were shorter, like an hour or two (preferably an hour). It would have more of an opportunity to switch up and land on other skills, and some skills are hard to train for the entire 4 hours if you plan on playing the whole time. Also 4 hours of down time is kinda sad if it's the only four hours you get to play that day. -Xp well is temporarily reduced? I know 1.5x xp is pretty op especially for certain things, but im pretty sure if everyone combined their money together we still wouldn't even have half the required money to fill the well. And that would be pretty baller if we all cashed in our banks for the xp buff. Maybe after player base increases have it return, but again these are just my suggestions 🙂 -Add skilling outfits to task shop. (idk if their obtainable In other ways)
  6. Tea

    So, my third item from barrows was an Ahrim's Robe Top dupe for me. I don't want it, other than finding out it's alch price... so, if anyone's interested feel free to post an offer here or hit me up in game. I'll resort to this post as a priority for deals because time zones are an issue and I want to reward those who use forums actively. But yeah... HMU with offers 🙂 Not interested in cash btw
  7. Tea

    Hey Jonathan, I've seen you in game a bunch, but it's the formal introduction is really nice. I'm not sure how I missed this post browsing the forums, but i'll definitely hit you up on your offer to pvm some time as I just started getting into combat myself. Having loads of fun on the server and some duo pvm could be really interesting. -Micah
  8. Tea

    I think the vote shop should consist of cosmetics, maybe mid-tier gear, and potentially a bond. Potentially if you vote once a day for a month it's enough for a bond in the shop.
  9. Tea

    Update: Barbarian Advanced Cource has been updated. It now gives a total of 34,375xp/lap, equating to 3,140,865 xp/hr. Enjoy Folks!
  10. Tea

    Tea's In-Depth Agility Guide I've never made a guide before, so I'm not really sure what to say so I'll get right into it. To start agility, you can click on the skill in the menu shown below These are the courses available Be aware, they are somewhat out of order and some of them do not work at all Currently, Burthorpe, Brimhaven, Werewolf, Bandos Throne Room, and Penguin Course are all not working Begin with Gnome stronghold as that is the level one course I took pictures of all the obstacles for all of the courses but realizing now that the pictures are way larger than intended, I'll just show off the first picture The gnome course is made up of seven obstacles and is set up in a linear fashion This agility course gives a total of 2,362.5xp, and can be completed in 36.8 seconds 231,115xp/hr Although out of order, the next course is the agility pyramid at level 30. Total Xp: 13,150 Time per lap: 1 min 59 seconds 397,815xp/hr and ~300kgp/hr Things to note about this course: All "ledges" and "planks" cause your run energy to turn off, but during the plank animation, you can turn your run energy back on and your character will continue the animation while running At the end of the course, there's an optional 10k you can grab before leaving. Make sure you're on the eastern square when leaving the pyramid because the western square is bugged temporarily. Next up we have the Barbarian Outpost Course with a level 35 requirement Total Xp: 3,470 Time per lap: 32 seconds 390,375xp/hr Technically slower than the agility pyramid, but the agility pyramid is kinda buggy and frustrating at times Also, you will be able to move on in just a few minutes so this information is really only for knowledge sake Next up is the Ape Atoll Course (at level 48), which you will be spending a lot of time at You must buy a ninja monkey greegree from the Talent Scout located east of the teleport location You have a small chance to fail the first obstacle, but if you're spamming the second one, you will prevent failure and save time If you teleport back to the start of the course after a lap you will save time overall Sometimes the teleport will clip you into the waterfall, but this should be fixed soon and it's a minor setback just a bit tedious Again... only here for knowledge sake This course gives 14,800xp per lap Time per lap without teleporting: 27.2 seconds Time per lap with teleporting: 26 seconds w/out tp: 1,958,824xp/hr w/tp: 2,111,121xp/hr This is technically the best Training course until the advanced Gnome Stronghold Course, but I will put the wilderness course in, again, just for coverage. At level 52 agility, you unlock the Wilderness Agility Course This course is slower than the Ape Atoll course and has a high risk as it's in level 50-56 wilderness, but maybe one day the rates will be buffed 10,661xp/lap 37.4 seconds/lap 1,026,193xp/hr Yeah, not much else to say. If you come here, I'd suggest leaving via the Mage Bank lever to get out of the wilderness. Second to last is the current best course in the game at level 85 agility. This course gives 22,675xp/lap 38.67sec/lap At a staggering 2,111,121xp/hr! Best in game currently I'm assuming barbarian advanced will be updated to have a better experience rate, and when so I will update this guide, but until then... You'll be staying here from 85-99 Just try your best to not take the non-advanced way If you find yourself accidentally taking the nooby route, then it may be better to stick at ape atoll just because it's more straight forward The last agility course this server has to offer is the Advanced Barbarian Outpost Agility Course This course gives 21,875xp/lap (which is already less xp than Gnome Adv) Each lap takes 39.4 seconds (which is longer than Gnome Adv) Total xp/hr is 1,998,731xp/hr which is the third fastest in-game, following both Gnome Adv and the teleporting method with Ape Atoll, but I believe it will be updated soon When the update happens, I will update this guide so you'll be aware when that happens Anyways, Thanks for reading my guide. I put a dumb amount of time into this for some reason. Idk, I like crunching numbers and finding stuff out, but hopefully, this does help someone out. If you find anything I missed feel free to let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. Tea

    I vote on the idea of a Monkey Cape in vote store! Favorite item osrs never had.
  12. Tea

    Hello, my name in game is Tea but feel free to call me Micah. I am 21 and have been playing Runescape ever since 2005 and I probably started playing rsps's around 2009 or so. I haven't played Runescape or a private server is quite some time, and this is the first server I ran into. Originally I was going to play on regular Runescape or Old School, but I got bored after a few days of grinding in the same spot. So here I am. I'm going to be running around gathering information and potentially finding a few bugs, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what late game content there is. I've never gotten to end game content on RS3 so I am quite excited. Anyways, add me in game "Tea" and say hello, I won't bite!
  13. Tea

    Nice to meet you Lewis, hope to see you online soon! Just curious, what time zone are you in?
  14. Tea

    Nice to meet you Ryan, my name is Micah and I am looking forward to seeing you in game (as I already met you on discord).